Flap Flap Flap Monday- I have just joined some of the most amazing women on the net; Fly Lady, Fly Crew and Fly Babies.  Whoo Hoo!  I am inspired and hope to be able to really join their ranks and soar.  I have gotten a 3 ring binder, printed off  my Control Journal pages, started to fill it out and I shined my sink.  I had hoped to join this week’s Zone and work up to really decluttering with the Spring Fling ,after all they just started and I don’t want to get behind, need to stay up with the crowd Flap, Flap a bit harder, but then  Zap! killer headache on the horizon, going to crash, must  finish this tomorrow. ahhhhhh.

Flutter Flutter Flutter Tuesday -Since I woke up with a really horrible headache and movement caused excrusiating pain, I decided to look over the website and found that I have already made  a crucial error.  I can’t help it.  I have to read a book from cover to cover or not at all and I cannot possible do only 1 step at a time.  But I failed to fully read about the Flylady way to do something.  I spent yesterday, as I said printing off and organizing my control journal and trying to fill it all out.  Then realized I was supposed to do that in baby steps along with the baby step cleaning/decluttering.  Ugh! 

As I said, I am flapping but haven’t left the ground.   However, while I was reading the wealth of info on the website and the hundred  (just kidding) really worthwhile emails with one eye opened so as not to let too much light into my splitting brain, because you know I can’t just lay here in bed and do nothing, I came across some true encouragement.  It said, “You are not behind! I don’t want you to try to catch up; I just want you to jump in where we are. O.K.? One BabyStep at a time, PEACE is mine in 2009 !    Letting out a sigh, closing the one eye, and dropping my poor flapping arms to my sides, I thought,  “You mean I can start where I am, even though I made a mistake and just step one step at a time?  There is hope for me.”  These ladies get me and they got my number!

The nerd in me loves the schedules, charts, organizing skills and the simplicity of the plan well planned but what the free-spirit in me loves is that there is no pressure to be perfect, just to wear shoes!  What I do is enough.  It is a blessing and it will get accomplished one baby step at a time!  I can do anything for 15 minutes, including taking a nap when my head began to really hurt.  It takes about 15 minutes for the Advil to kick in anyway.  Then I was able to put away that load of folded laundry, start the wet load to drying, put the fresh, bread machine baked bread in the plastic bag and get dinner out of the freezer and ready for the oven on time tonight.   Yes, I would have loved to have baked three loaves of bread minus the hole from the bread machine, but I only have one bread pan and a huge headache, so according to my old ways, we wouldn’t have had any bread. The Flybaby me realizes the family doesn’t care.  They scarf it up hole or no hole!  It is hot and really, really, good.  I would have loved to have all the laundry done and the old me would have put it off until I felt better and could get it all done in one day, but the Flybaby settled for one load of clean, dry, folded and  put away laundry.  A load a day, they say at Flylady.net.  

Well, my 15 minute break is almost over according to the timer, headache is reving up so, if you think you might want to Fly too, I have provided the link for you.  Of course, I have, I am that kinda gal.  But now, I need to go and flap a few more times, take a few Advil and maybe tomorrow I will feel a bit of space between me and the floor.