I don’t even know what to call myself. I am so weird.

After I got all the beautiful fabrics that I received during my fabric shower from the staging area of my work bench and layed them on my cutting table,  I took pictures of them for my blog. You can see them in yesterday’s post.  I had been putting them all together as they came in so that I could have a photo of them all. I grouped them in some sort of color order, took an overall picture and then a series of close ups of the groupings. I published the pictures and then went off to bed because I started this brainstorm idea late in the evening.

This morning is when the trouble started, I needed to get some sewing done and I didn’t want to move my fabrics. I still want to look at them all lined up so pretty and remember how fun it was getting package after package. I honestly cannot express how thrilling it was to open that mail box or have “her” come to the door ; you know when the mail lady comes to the door it is gonna be good!   But . . .    How can I put them away?  Those little strips that came all packed so neatly in a zippy bag of their own had to be separated! I felt like a bad mom shipping my kids off to the ends of the earth to live alone!  They came together, they needed to stay together.  But they didn’t quite go together in an aesthetically pleasing way when you lined them all up,  in little piles they seem to belong!  So I snuggled them into a little drawer where they will be joined by other strip brothers and sisters as I sort through my stash. That, I could live with.  As far as the cuts of fabrics, I plan to raid Joann’s cardboard pile and get some more bolts and put them together on my shelf as a group. That way I can see them together as they should be, they are a visual representation of my dear, sweet friends. My mind may not be able to remember what I heard someone tell me or that I have an appointment in a day or two, but I can remember each fabric and who sent it. I have a somewhat photographic memory that captures things in snipets and hangs on to them that way. I think that is why it is hard for me to separate the fabrics. To think of them going toward separate projects is almost painful.

But . . . I am also so excited about being able to participate in the upcoming mystery that I am willing to try to break free. In fact, as the first step, I have re-thought my plan .  the strips will go into the drawer and then I will let Sylas play in it so that they all get mixed up into a jumble.  I will put the fabrics on bolts and put them randomly on a shelf. Just as I had that thought, there was this voice in my head and I think it honestly screamed!  After having a little negotiation, it has been decided that I will put them on bolts and have another family member place them on the shelf when I am not in the room. That way, when I walk back in the picture will be new!

Cutting these fabrics is another whole issue I will have to work through! Geez, you try to help a gal out and look what happens!

I said I was weird.