I can’t believe it has taken me this long to write this post but I have been a bit busy.  Here is the reason why.  Meet the Miracle Maltese!  MommaMabel


These precious pups came into our lives on April 16th and we have been busy and so blessed ever since.  They are very special because they came to us via the Northcentral Maltese Rescue.  This organization does amazing things to help rescue Maltese all over the United States.  Our little bunch came from California.  They were living in a home with 30 other dogs and two women.  These women are horders and their collecting habits included dogs.  They were in pretty rough shape when they were rescued but thanks to many hardworking and generous people by the time they came to live with us, they were doing much better.  All three were groomed by a sweet lady who actually hand picked the fleas off of them because momma was still nursing the sweet babies.  Next, another wonderful woman took them into her home and made sure that momma gained some weight, that the puppies got a good start on eating on their own and that they began to learn to use a pee pad.  After that, our amazing new friends,Trudy and Tom, who feel more like family, drove all the way from Washington to California and back to bring them to our home.  Once they arrived, they were taken to our vet, Dr Tester and he gave them a good check up, updated everyone on their shots and then momma was spayed, had 17 teeth removed and the few she had left cleaned.  Dr. Tester said that they would all feel much better now in a few days and they should be as good as new.

Boy was he right, just look at them now:

These pups are a riot and have brought more joy into our home than I can even say.

Momma-the ultimate lap dog

Momma is the sweetest thing you will ever meet.  While the puppies are bundles of energy, Momma has a sweetness to her that causes everyone who meets her to fall madly in love.  There is just something so special about her that defies description.  She is content to snuggle on a quilt while I am busy around the house or snuggle in my lap when I am resting.  But don’t let her snuggly behavior fool you, she has lots and lots of play in her.  Another unusual thing about Momma is that she actually talks.  It kind of sounds a bit like a growl and at first I was concerned that she was a bit aggressive but we quickly came to realize she was just talking to us.  She doesn’t have a lot to say, but it is really cute when she does.

As wonderful as these Malts are they are not ours to keep.  No, we are their foster family.  Some of my friends have asked how we can even think of letting them go, but I know that while we will be sad on the day that any of them leave, the more I can love and let go, the more we can help to rescue.  There is such a need for foster families out there.  So, we will love, train and care for these miracles until they can be placed with their forever family.

If you think that you just might be that perfect match for any of them, or could open your home to be a foster family, please contact the Northcentral Maltese Rescue by clicking on this link.